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Awards, What Are They Good For?

There are so many awards out there that all kinds of businesses can apply for. While they’re all available and some have a simple application process — are they worth it? Winning an award may seem like a positive thing for any company, but it’s important to realize that not all awards are necessary.

If a brand does win an award it won’t do them any harm and the benefits are always positive, but it never hurts to put more thought into the award before applying to just any opportunity that comes along. We’ve listed out the pros and cons to think about before applying to an award.


Awards are always a positive thing (as mentioned before). It’s good for small and upcoming businesses because it’ll give them more credibility in the industry they’re in. It shows they’ve arrived and are the real deal. Even for larger, more established businesses, an award win can help their audience see that they’re still relevant and the piles of awards they do have are all for good reason.

It’s always great to show off when awards highlight individual achievements or team members. These qualities can stand out to a specific audience that’s trying to be reached and shows how every team member is valuable to the company. It’s important for clients and the audience to see they’re working and paying people who know what they’re doing. By showcasing achievements this can result in new sales or new clients.


Some awards might have a high cost when applying and may take a lot of work, so make sure the award aligns with the company and brand. Awards can be good to show customers or other competitors that the company is credible enough to have won an award that highlights the company’s qualities as stated above. However, if the award doesn’t make sense it won’t make good business or attract the right people to the company. This, in turn, can be more harmful than helpful for the brand.

Cision lists out a few questions that are good to keep in mind before applying for awards. Questions such as:

  • What are the odds that the submission will be successful?
  • Does this award have credibility with our audience?
  • Could it be leveraged to gain additional earned media? 

Stopping to weigh out the pros and cons before applying to just any award may seem like extra work, but it will save time in the long run especially if the award requires loads of work and the chances of winning are slim.

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