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How to Make the Most out of Money20/20

At the end of this month, world leaders in payments, banking, financial services and fintech industries will gather for Money20/20. This event is where technology meets money, money meets people, people meet ideas and ideas become reality. In Las Vegas, over 2,300 C-Suite executives, 3,400 companies, 500 speakers, 400 start-ups and top media luminaries will be in attendance—is your company ready to stand out?

Capture Media Attention at Money20/20

At the event where the best of the best showcase their latest and greatest, the competition to grab media attention is fierce. In 2018 alone, over 1,900 pieces of coverage were written. While the fight to grab media attention is at an all-time high, securing one or two great articles in a well-regarded publication in your industry can make a big impact. Here are a few items you should have prepared to ensure your announcements capture media attention:

  1. Pitch exclusives, pre-briefs with analysts and media (except where the exclusive applies), pitch the day of the announcement and follow up to ensure your company and product announcement(s) remain top of mind.  
  2. Create a media kit – This is a quick and simple way for reporters to access your company’s information. Include all relevant information about your product release to ensure reporters have everything they need to communicate your story.
  3. Distribute a press release – maximize the exposure of your announcement by directly sharing the news with attending press in the lead up to and during the event. 

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Donut miss a great opportunity to capture leads!

Attendee Engagement Activities

Lights, camera, Plinko game, donut wall, coffee cart, action! Grab the attention of attendees walking the aisle and invite them into your booth to learn more about your company. Setting up a viable and interesting engagement activity can make a huge difference in lead count after the show ends. And, who doesn’t like donuts?! 

Social media shouldn’t be forgotten either! Chances are that your target market spends a lot of time on the internet. Consider putting a plan in place to capture their attention online and on the show floor. Learn more about leveraging social media as part of your trade show strategy before, during and after the show in our blog, How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Trade Show Strategy.

Lead Nurture Plan

Pre-event marketing and prospecting should already be underway. To make the most out of your pre-event initiatives, spread the word of your sponsorship and invite targets to attend the show and stop by your booth and/or event.

Money20/20 Resource: Invite your Customers and Prospects to Money20/20

After hours of planning before the show and engagement with prospects while at the show, the fun really begins when you place your leads into the lead nurturing funnel. Here is a quick checklist of activities to maintain engagement with your hard-earned leads. 

  1. Organize your post-show digital marketing (Note—this should be done before the show!)
  2. Update your website with relevant content
  3. Engage with media to fill your coverage pipeline
  4. Leverage social media for listening 
  5. Remind analysts what’s next in your pipeline

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Money 20/20 provides instant access to Fortune 500 companies and industry-disrupting start-ups, providing unparalleled opportunities to meet with new customers, partners and suppliers. Meet the power players—the who’s who of financial industry leaders and make your mark in the industry with strong media coverage, analyst report inclusions and leads to fill your end of the year pipeline.

Comment below with cool ideas that you have seen at prior Money20/20 conferences!

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