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5 Marketing Lessons from Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster

I’m heading into 2019 with a lot of exciting changes: I started a marketing internship at UPRAISE in the beautiful city of San Francisco, I’ll be moving into a new apartment in August, and I started watching the fitness obstacle course show “Ultimate Beastmaster” on Netflix!

I am not a fitness fanatic in any way, shape or form. Honestly, I have never even been inside a gym except to take finals on the basketball courts (no joke). My greatest healthy eating accomplishment has been starting my day with a banana for breakfast this week… and subsequently eating a bagel with brown sugar & cinnamon cream cheese immediately after. Regardless, the drive and passion of the athletes on this show leaves me with no choice but to wildly root for them as they make their way through each course.

The contestants’ unbelievable physiques as they “tackle the beast” can easily be considered one of the show’s better marketing strategies. Here’s what I have learned from Ultimate Beastmaster:

Consistency is key.

Like any hardcore fitness regime, there is no working around the dedication it takes to build a clear brand and grow engagement on social media channels. Post frequently, scrap anything that doesn’t quite fit the image you’re going for, and make sure the message you’re sending is unmistakably clear.

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Quality way over quantity.

On Ultimate Beastmaster, it’s not the size of the athlete but the skill and quality of their performance. This same idea holds true to brands when it comes to marketing. There’s no formulaic body type and exercise routine that prepares the athletes for what’s ahead. Similarly, a marketing tactic that was successful six months ago might not be as impactful now, even with extra cash to boost its reach. Just as each athlete has the potential to succeed, they must adapt to the requirements each physical obstacle presents. A quality marketing campaign must understand the current needs of its customers and potential clients to really be successful.

Stage presence is invaluable.

The show commentators are from all over the world and speak both English and their native languages throughout the episodes. Regardless of what language they speak, some presenters clearly stand out from the rest based on their charisma, tone of voice, and clear articulation. Marketers who are able to reach a wide audience regardless of language barriers tend to be more successful. It’s not only the wording that helps to convey a message, but also the graphics and way in which a message is delivered.

Sob stories aren’t enough.

Successful marketers go beyond the status quo. Appealing to customers’ empathy can lack genuineness, especially when they’ve heard the same story multiple times. Find what makes your story unique and why it would be important to your audience. The athletes on Ultimate Beastmaster who have overcome the most difficult setbacks are respected but those who also have some exceptional quality that shows without telling a story are truly revered.

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Creativity rarely fails you.

When incredible athletes find themselves in precarious situations on the obstacle course, they often make up for it when they do an atypical move that no one else has done before. Whether a backflip to get back on the rail or utilizing legwork to get through an upper body test, the crowd goes wild every time they witness something innovative and spectacular. Marketing strategy follows the same rules: push the envelope and try something unfamiliar because it might just be a breakthrough.

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Will you find me in a 24 Hour Fitness gym any time soon? Probably not. But like every great Beastmaster, you can bet I’ll keep improving, inspiring, and pushing my limits as an intern like never before.

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