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Super Bowl LIV Ads Bring the Nostalgia & the Funny: Our Top 5 Favorites

Super Bowl

While Super Bowl LIV didn’t go as planned for us San Francisco 49ers fans, there was one silver lining to such a disappointing ending – the commercials. This year didn’t disappoint, with many brands bringing highly engaging and hilarious content.

These are our top five favorite ads from this year’s big game:

NFL 100 – NFL

Last year’s NFL 100 got everyone talking after it featured some of the biggest stars in the game. Super Bowl LIV’s commercial lived up to the hype, but instead of focusing on the past, shifted gears toward the future. In the nearly three-minute commercial, football stars of past and present encourage stars of the future to, “take it to the house kid.” The best part came at the end when the commercial went live as kids representing all of the league’s teams entered Hard Rock Stadium to kick off the big game.

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – Little Caesars 

There is nothing I’d like more than for Dwight Schrute to own his own company. In this commercial by Little Caesars, Dwight is promoted from Assistant to the Regional Manager to CEO of his own sliced bread company. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned and, in the end, Dwight learns, “Little Caesars’ pizza is the best thing since sliced bread.”

Tom Brady’s Big Announcement – Hulu

Nothing has been getting more attention this off-season than the speculation surrounding Tom Brady’s free agency. Hulu took full advantage of Patriots fans’ nerves, managing to have everyone on the edge of their seats in just a few seconds all while promoting the fact that Hulu has live sports.

Groundhog Day – Jeep 

It’s been 27 years since Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, found himself reliving the same day over and over again. During Jeep’s commercial, the audience is transported back to 1993, only this time, Phil discovers a Jeep Gladiator that he gladly takes on adventures with his groundhog friend. During this one-minute commercial, Jeep manages to find the perfect balance of nostalgia, comedy and entertainment.

Famous Visitors – Walmart

In its first Super Bowl commercial ever, Walmart decided to go all in. Featuring stars from Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, Toy Story, Men in Black and more, Walmart does an excellent job highlighting its in-store pickup options while keeping the audience entertained.

While Super Bowl commercials are fun to watch, it also serves as a checkpoint for marketers to reflect on their own advertising campaigns. It’s a great opportunity to get inspired, jot down ideas and be proactive. If you need help creating your next innovative campaign, contact us to get started!

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