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Transform Your Brand into a Digital Powerhouse Using Cross-Promotion

Digital marketing for brands

We’ve all heard how powerful of a tool social media has become for modern businesses. Furthermore, it’s no secret that it serves as an integral segment of a company’s marketing efforts in terms of its ability to allow brands to showcase the magnitude and potential of their presence in the digital space.

One of the greatest ways to maximize return on your marketing initiatives is by combining on and offline marketing efforts with one another to create a cohesive strategy. Cross-promotion is a technique in which you make use of another medium to promote and potentially sell your products or services to a new market. In simpler words, cross-promotion is a process where two or more businesses join together to promote a single brand. It allows you to reach both your community, as well as your partner’s pre-established community, to ensure more valuable leads. By maximizing your marketing territory on and offline, you are more likely to reach a greater audience in addition to building the value of your brand.

There are so many innovative techniques, tools, and resources available at your fingertips via social media that you can utilize to increase your brand’s reach. Contrary to most traditional marketing efforts, online marketing gives you an opportunity to take your digital campaigns to the next level. Listed below are just a few ways that you can think outside of the box during your next campaign and compound cross-promotion with your current marketing strategies to transform your brand into a digital powerhouse.


There is not a single person on this earth who doesn’t love winning free stuff, and what better way to give people free items that simultaneously promotes your brand than with a giveaway? You can run a giveaway by requiring your market to follow your social page and share the post with friends, or even simply asking them to share their email address with you for entry. However you choose to do it, giveaways are a simple, engaging, and fun marketing effort that is mutually beneficial to your audience and your brand.

Instagram Stories and Posts

Collaborating with another business or brand is made easy with Instagram posts and stories. In just seconds, you and your partner can reach millions with a brief message, a compelling photo, or a testimonial video regarding your brand(s) and product(s).

Twitter Functions

While it is the road less traveled in terms of cross-promotion, Twitter is a great space to promote your brand. Using the retweet and/or mention function of the app, you and your partner can engage in a mutually beneficial marketing campaign which can allow users on both sides of the audience to gain exposure to your respective brands.

Influencer Brand Endorsements

Companies nowadays make frequent use of influencer endorsements because not only are influencers always looking for a new product to show off, but their hundreds of thousands (and sometimes millions) of followers are constantly watching. According to, more than 50% of social media users claim that they are more likely to purchase a product as a result of a post from an influencer (50 Influencer Marketing Statistics, Quotes, and Facts). Influencer endorsements act as a great liaison when it comes to product promotion and influencing purchase decisions in a given target market.

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Cross-promotion is an extremely innovative marketing technique that can entirely transform your brand in a number of ways. It breeds reliable results with improved business relationships, increased overall reach, lowered advertising costs, greater visibility, and better brand equity. The key to these campaigns are creating content that resonates with your audience and your partner’s by maintaining relevance and memorability. Remember that your ideal match for a partnership should be related to your product in some way, the platform you decide to use should be both reasonable and sensible according to your goals for the partnership, and that your target market should always come first. With these ingredients combined, you and your brand will be 10 steps ahead of the competition. 

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