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How to Foster a Community on Social Media

The pandemic fueled a society longing for human connection. Luckily, we had social media to connect us virtually which caused a spike in the percentage of time we spent on our phones. How can brands leverage this to foster a community on social media?

Here are a few ways to start:

What’s Your Story?

First, it’s important to know what your brand story is. This is what will drive the majority of content aiming towards creating a community that consists of your target audience.

For example, Girlfriend Collective is all about creating body-positive clothing while being sustainable. Their target audience can be easily identified through their content and their brand story resonates with many people. It markets two trends that have been rising in the last few years—being inclusive and eco-friendly. It creates value by letting its consumers know that their clothes are made to fit everyone without negatively impacting the future they’ll live in. 

User-Generated Content

User-generated content allows consumers to become a part of your brand story! One easy way to do this is by checking if there have been any Instagram Reels mentioning your brand and dropping a comment thanking them or complimenting them! You can also reshare consumers’ posts on your story. It makes them feel seen and special! 

Well-Timed Content

Got a funny bone? Make a meme of yourself! Building on culturally relevant moments can be surprising and fun for consumers to see. It can be as easy as this TikTok by Away which got over 600,000 views just for using a trending sound. 

Be Conversational 

If you’re having a hard time engaging your followers in the comment section, take notes from some popular YouTubers. You’ll find that they constantly ask their followers questions and encourage them to leave comments on their videos. From asking for any movie recommendations to what kinds of videos they would like to see, people like adding to the conversation! It compels consumers to not only engage with your brand but with each other as well. 

Influencers are Your Best Friend

Influencers already have a well-established base, so by partnering with them you can tap into new communities. Plus, influencers are seen as more trustworthy—especially with younger audiences. Do your research before partnering with any influencers, make sure they have decent engagement and are well-liked by followers. 

Social Listening 

It’s a good idea to check what’s being said about your brand. Did they like a recent video or podcast episode? See what they liked about it and if you can continue to build on that. Have there been a lot of complaints about prices? Maybe try being transparent about it. People take the time to include your brand in their content so sometimes returning the favor and acknowledging that you see them can go a long way in fostering relationships. 

It’s also useful to see what’s trending in your market. Are there any new themes on which you can build your content calendar? Hot topics you haven’t thought of before? What are your competitors doing that’s gaining them followers?

Another part of social listening includes customer service. Some big brands even create separate Twitter accounts just for people to direct questions or concerns. These accounts usually respond right away either through DMs, replies or simply by directing them to a customer service email. 

If you’re having trouble creating a community on social media, reach out to us and we can put our heads together!

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