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Proven Ways to Up Your Facebook Engagement: Here’s How!

Facebook is more than a leisure tool, it’s a low-cost marketing mechanism that can easily take a brand to new heights. Nearly everyone has a Facebook account, including grandparents lounging in the living room to executives from multi-million dollar companies, which means there are about 2.32 billion monthly users to market to. And for marketing and PR professionals, there is limitless potential for promoting your own company’s profile or improving a client’s lead generation and potential sales through increased visibility. Regardless, there’s a vast audience open for grabs, and the best way to reach them is by improving your engagement. 


Although some may think otherwise, posting on Facebook is a science, and it takes a lot of strategizing to make sure your posts are effective. Ever wonder which of your posts receive the most engagement, and why? In between posting mindlessly and posting only business-related content, is the sweet spot. Based on your target audience, make sure you’re creating concise, relatable and quality content. If you’re a cybersecurity company, your audience won’t care about the newest movie you’re excited to watch. Instead, you should post about your product, while mixing in posts about company culture. With that said, it also helps to make sure you’re posting at the right time and including eye-catching graphics to accompany your posts. 

Wondering which types of posts receive the most engagement? The answer is: VIDEO. According to a study by Social Bakers, videos have a 135% greater organic reach than your typical post or photo, and they are promoted twice as more. As expected, quality matters rather than pushing out useless content, and you may need to try different kinds of videos to get an idea of what your audience likes best. Pay close attention to your analytics and adjust your content when necessary.


While it’s great to focus on posting habits, take your strategy one step further and try out the different features. Facebook now offers stories and live video as other options to appeal to your followers. Launching a new product at a trade show? That’s the perfect time to post on your story! Hosting a webinar? Use the live feature for a Q&A. The opportunities are endless. Once you’ve gotten the hang of posting, you can view your page’s performance with Facebook’s Page Insights. This is a useful tool to analyze demographic data about your audience, see how people are interacting with your posts and, most importantly, TRACK ENGAGEMENT!

Here are ways to integrate social media into your trade show strategy.

Facebook also has paid advertising to dabble in. Whether you want to start a campaign or boost an already live post to reach a wider audience, this option will increase your engagement. With paid ads, you can easily reach your target audience, and all that is required is an objective, budget, and format. Facebook makes it easy to track performance and measure your ad’s success with Ad Manager, not to mention, you can adjust your campaign as needed. 


Remember that Facebook is not a one-way street. If you want to increase engagement, you need to engage with others too. Make sure you’re making “human interactions” to appeal to leads and customers, and get to know your audience by messaging them directly or commenting on their posts. We recommend starting conversations by asking open-ended and brand-related questions or asking for their opinions.  Another way to engage is to get active in Facebook groups. There are tons of groups on Facebook, ranging from niche to general, and we’re certain that you’ll find one that best suits your client’s or business’ interest.

Like many other marketing efforts, this will take time. Unless you’re buying comments or likes, you should expect engagement to increase gradually over time, not instantaneously. Be realistic with your expectations, but also improve your strategy from all angles so that you can track your efforts. Most importantly, connect with your audience on a more personal level to maximize results!

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