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The Bold, the On-brand, and the Just Plain Bizarre: A Roundup of April Fools’ Day Pranks

April Fools’ Day, a long tradition with an origin shrouded in mystery, has come and gone once again in the world of international consumerism. In an era of information overload, brands are constantly looking for new and humorous ways to engage their consumers on social media. Year over year, brands have had to get more and more creative to find new means of shocking their audiences on the first of April. Here are some of the approaches brands took this year:

The Bold


Duolingo is widely known for its aggressive approach to getting users to complete their daily lessons on the popular language-learning app. The company has also been known to poke fun at its own aggression on its social media accounts and seized another opportunity to do so this past Friday. Duolingo warned users of an “injury attorney” that was fighting for victims of Duolingo’s combative tactics. The post included a video link to a fake commercial showcasing “real cases and their victims.” 

Busch Lite 

While not technically a prank, Busch Lite participated in April Fools’ Day by making light of a not-so-humorous environmental matter. Urging its customers to “Save a Tree, Pee in a Busch,” on April 1st the brand announced the launch of its new product, “Pee in a Busch Kit.” The kit includes a limited edition funnel designed to help men “go” in an environmentally friendly way. 100% of the profits will go to their partner, One Tree Planted, where a tree will be planted for every dollar donated.

Traeger Grills

Known for their high-tech backyard grills, the brand Traeger had munchie enthusiasts excited by the announcement of their new cannabis-infused cooking pellets. The brand claimed these new pellets could infuse meats and vegetables with THC flavoring. Twitter users caught on to the leg-pulling when realizing the release date for the product was 4/20.

The On-Brand


In an effort to shed light on the “ridiculous perceptions people have around periods like making women ‘chocolate-crazy, less capable or overly emotional,” Kotex released their new, dark chocolate panty liners with a raspberry ganache filling on April 1st. Well done, Kotex!  


You’ve heard of the Big Gulp, now get ready for 7-Eleven’s brand new Tiny Gulp. They announced the new 0.7 ounce option for only seven cents at all 7-Eleven locations. The ruse was complete with a video ad that even included a mini soda machine. We can’t even be mad because the Tiny Gulp is adorable!

The Bizarre

Hellmann’s and Butterfinger 

Hellmann’s and Butterfinger paired up to give social media users a scare with the advertisement of their new dessert mayonnaise. The post was met with mixed reactions online with some Twitter users expressing excitement to try it while others were not shy about letting Hellmann’s and Butterfinger know they’ve gone too far. 

McDonald’s Australia 

The prominent fast-food chain joined in on the holiday fun with the release of their Sweet ‘N Sour Sundae. The dessert fuses the classic vanilla shake with the brand’s tangy Sweet ‘N Sour sauce swirled throughout. One Facebook user claimed they were disappointed after driving all the way to the nearest “Maccas” just to find out the sweet ‘n sour treat was all part of an April Fools’ hoax.


The growing makeup subscription service partook in April Fools’ Day by partnering with Glamnetic to offer brand new pet-friendly lashes. Ipsy claimed the new product was safe for use on dogs, cats, and even goats that are looking to become the “most adorbs animals on the block.” 

Which of these stand-out brand pranks was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!

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