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5 Call-to-Actions to Increase Your Marketing Strategy That Aren’t “Learn More” or “Read More”

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In the marketing world, a call-to-action (CTA) is a practical and resourceful tool for a variety of initiatives. Want more subscribers for your newsletter? Use a CTA. Want a better conversion rate? Use a CTA. Want more followers on social media? Use a CTA. It’s an unwritten rule to include these provocative phrases if you desire any secondary action from your online visitors. CTAs are short yet mighty phrases, and they have the potential to garner new leads, increase revenue, direct readers to another content piece and boost SEO. But what good are these buttons, if no one clicks on them?

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When brainstorming the perfect CTA, we suggest using authoritative and persuasive language– but let’s face it, we are all guilty of seeing a CTA button and scrolling passed it. Instead of using the typical, “Learn More” and “Read More” phrases, here are 5 persuasive (and less cliche) examples of converting visitors into leads.

“Let’s start a new project together!” – This one is great to put on your agency’s website. It uses inclusive language and a friendly tone, so it’s  very appealing to a potential client. Since clients rely on their agency for support, this CTA implies that they can expect team-like behaviors moving forward. Ergo, a potential client will feel more inclined to click your CTA so that they can learn more about your agency.

“Talk to us!” – A phrase made from equal parts of authoritative and easygoing language is bound to generate clicks. It’s discrete and straight to the point. This CTA can work for a broad variety of initiatives. Whether your goal is to gain new clients or employees, this CTA relieves the pressure, encouraging your online visitors to click through to your contact page.

“Join for free!” – The word “free” not only grabs attention quickly, but it is inviting and evokes happiness. Let’s face it, everyone loves free stuff– how many times have you gone to an event and loaded up on all the freebies? I’m guilty! If your goal is to get visitors to try your service and/or populate your newsletter or subscription list, this works in your favor because they will be persuaded to try it out.

Yes, I want in!” – This one works because “Yes” is a strong action word. Sure, you can create a CTA with the phrase, “Get Started,” but it’s not as convincing and much less exciting. This phrase expedites the decision-making process, making it easily clickable. Additionally, it’s self-explanatory– visitors who read the copy will know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

“Get Instant Access Now” – 3 words in this phrase are power words: “Get,” “Instant,” “Access,” which creates positive emotions and is beneficial when it comes to sales or trying to increase email subscribers. The last word: “Now,” is a timing word, which creates urgency and rushes visitors to get started. The combination of both power and timing words create a simple, yet solid CTA.

Since the purpose of CTA buttons is to generate leads, having a generic phrase won’t suffice. A great campaign or website is useless without formulating a great slogan for your CTA. You need one that is strategic, luring visitors in and convincing them to take action. Ditch the boring and overused phrases that are seemingly doing yourself a disservice. Instead, put more thought into brainstorming a compelling and creative CTA!

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