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Why You Need an Integrated Public Relations and Marketing Strategy

integrated marketing strategy

It takes two to tango. – My Mom

It takes two! Businesses tend to underestimate the need for a public relations program or a marketing strategy, but in reality, you really need both to succeed. In this blog post, I’ll lay out why a business needs to calculate both a PR and marketing strategy for their company’s everyday tactics.

1. The way we reach our audiences is changing.

How do you read the news? Chances are it’s not via a physical newspaper anymore. Or if it is, you probably still check multiple news sources on some sort of mobile device. Either way, the manner in which we reach our audiences is changing rapidly – it’s essential to keep up with all the different techniques. Having an integrated public relations and marketing strategy can help catch the attention of those audiences you’ve been trying to reach. Public relations can help reach a general audience but combined with a marketing campaign, you can reach a specific audience that is more proactive for your specific clientele and audience. Data-centered and detailed campaigns are key to finding the distinctive audience you may be looking for.

Since people don’t necessarily just read the paper, a business needs marketing channels to promote and support their brand and story across all platforms. This leads us to the next point: the importance of having a well-rounded online presence.

2. There’s a lot out there on the Internet – you should be present (almost) everywhere.

Businesses need a well-rounded online presence to show their worth and build trust with their audience. Why put in the effort to publish a release and have nothing appear in search about your company? Businesses want (and need!) their company to show up when someone’s looking for them. With an integrated marketing strategy and PR program, that’s doable. Don’t tell half of your company’s story. Use the power of an integrated PR and marketing strategy to tell a more interesting and complete story.

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3. Customers have limitless options – What do you have to lose?

We live in a world where any and all information is at our fingertips. This means companies have to compete harder than ever to get their name out there and noticed. Why not capitalize on all types of content and not only reach as many people as possible but be efficient and reach people who are actually relevant to your business. Forbes recently cited a study that suggests combining PR and marketing efforts could be the key to unlocking the future of company branding, exposure and revenue. Integrating PR and marketing has the power to increase sales, reach broader audiences and provide more general knowledge about your company. Don’t let your customer pass you by simply because another company was promoting themselves more. It is a competition for attention, and now more than ever, businesses have to fight for their audience’s attention. Don’t lose your chance to be recognized – put your name out there as much as you possibly can.

It takes two to make a thing go right!

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