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Launching a Product in August: Using Summer to your Advantage

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When a new product is in the making and getting closer to completion, the question often asked to marketers is “When is the best time of year to launch and gain the most exposure?” Many believe that launching around the industry’s largest trade show or event is the best time, others may stand by a post-holiday announcement strategy. Early summer can be a noisy time for people between holidays and events taking place in the first half of the season. One month in particular that generally remains empty from distractions is August. In fact, the month of August is a month that is fairly quiet in product announcements, leaving immense opportunity for a company to make a grand product launch.

While some may argue for or against a summer launch, there is not an exact formula. Here we will discuss several factors that you should consider to make the most out of your product launch.

Little Competition for Media Attention – Take Advantage! 

The rumor that launching a product in August is taboo has spread pretty far amongst companies, so if you are the only one making noise in a relatively empty marketplace – that sound can travel far. You will have the ear of reporters and analysts looking to fill their quota for content to churn out. 

That is not to say that launching a product at your industry’s largest trade show is bad, but there is a considerably higher amount of competition to make your product known. For example, at CES 2019 there were 190,000 industry attendees, more than 6,500 media, 4,500 exhibiting companies, representation from 155 countries and 11 Vegas venues. While CES is the perfect breeding ground for communication with industry luminaries, you are competing with the biggest, baddest, most outrageous products and booths at the show. Our advice is to pick your battles! If this is a battle that you are confident you will win, we encourage you to take on CES and give your product a big splash! P.S. We would love to represent you at CES!

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Vacant Venues Available for Booking

Concurrently, along with some very busy media during events, the venues available to hold launch parties or press conferences are also booked up. In the month of August, the slow down of trade shows and events leaves these venues wide open to secure a space for your product launch event. The benefits include available space, low room rental rates (if required), available media/staff and an excited audience looking for interesting announcements!

Channel Partner Accessibility

It is equally important to focus on both the media as your general audience advocates as well as channel partners, an extension of your sales team. In the last month of summer, August is a great opportunity to do the following with your available channel partners:

  • Host product education webinar
  • Invite to product launch party
  • Post relevant content and blogs
  • And more! 

August is a hot month (literally!) to launch a product. Your audience including the media, channel partners and customers are around and available to learn about the latest, greatest products to hit the market. UPRAISE is here to help put your launch together.

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