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The Fun Starts When the Trade Show Ends

Now the fun begins!

The crowds are gone, booth breakdown is underway and that flight home is just on the horizon.  Your work at this trade show is nearly done, but is it?

Savvy organizations wring every ounce of opportunity from trade shows by creating pre-show, at-show and post-show strategies to solidify customer relationships, attract prospects and build their brands. However, many organizations deemphasize post-show activities, often due to lack of bandwidth that is consumed by preparing for and managing the show.  

Here is a quick checklist of activities that can help to keep engagement going with customers and prospects once the lights go off in the exhibit hall.

1. Organize Your Post-show Digital Marketing before the Show 

Develop post-show email campaigns including calls to action in advance so all your team needs to do is activate once the show ends. In addition to post-show wrap ups, the emails can include info on awards won, invitations to the next show, reaction to new products introduced and surveys about your presence at the show to help guide future trade show presence.

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2. Update Your Website

Line up new content for your website and plan to remove banners and other references to the trade show that’s just ended. Nothing looks sloppier than visiting a website that is advertising presence at a trade show that occurred last week.

3. Have Media Coverage in the Pipeline

There is often a bump in media coverage during and immediately after a trade show when a company launches a new product, announces new funding or makes news in some other way. Make plans to announce something else 2-4 weeks after the show to keep that momentum going. Or, one alternative is to submit a contributed article and try to time the placement to go live after the show.

4. Leverage Social Media for Listening

Create a social listening campaign to kick off immediately after the trade show ends. There’s an opportunity to gain valuable insights about market trends, new product information from competitors and other details that your marketing team can put to good use, while they are still fresh in the minds of attendees.

5. Remind Industry Analysts What’s In Your Pipeline

Like other attendees, analysts are typically focused on what’s taking place at the show and may write trip reports to summarize their experience. Contact analysts immediately after the show ends to recap your announcements, and also remind them what new products or other news is in your pipeline for the next six months. 

Trade shows are great opportunities to create new engagement and enhance existing relationships. But, to maximize the investment, don’t forget to have your post-show plans in place and ready to go before the show begins!

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