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Key B2C Marketing Trends That Will Impact 2022

Marketing to consumers had to shift rapidly during the pandemic. As in-person opportunities dwindled to nothing, marketers had to allocate marketing budgets 100% online. As we’ve begun to return to the new normal, marketing trends continue to adjust. Below we’ve highlighted five business-to-consumer (B2C) trends we at UPRAISE think will impact 2022.

Online events still work for brands

Online events are still a better investment for brands—despite travel restrictions being lifted—as people remain wary of meeting with others in person. High-quality webinars, podcasts, or seminars may not generate revenue like an in-person event. Still, they allow companies to collect consumer data and connect with current or potential clients, which is key in a remote work environment.

Excellent customer service and communication

When the world shut down in 2020, and 2021, brands had up their game when it came to communicating with and serving their clients in a digital world. That shouldn’t fall off now that we are seeing people in person again. One of the reasons brands like Amazon and Nordstrom made it to the top of their industries is due to their excellent customer service. Brands should continue learning from them while enhancing their own communications with customers in order to keep them happy, so they share their love of your brand with their friends and family.

Personalization and customization

Whether a consumer is designing a custom shoe on Nike’s 3D sneaker customization platform or Amazon’s uncanny ability to offer customers personalized recommendations, one thing is true; consumers expect a personalized and customized experience now more than ever. Whether a brand offers bespoke products or experiences, allowing consumers to feel special and like what they are purchasing is one-of-a-kind is vital in today’s social media-centric economy. Consumers want to be able to show off what they purchase, and they want to feel like what they have is special; offering those types of services is key to grabbing their attention.

Cookieless marketing

Last year Google took the marketing world by storm when it announced it was removing third-party cookies starting in 2023. Suddenly marketers and advertisers who rely on tracking consumers’ internet activity will have to change their strategies in order to connect with relevant consumers. One way to do so is through first-party data and zero-party data. First-party data is “data collected directly from your audience, as opposed to being acquired and sent to you by a third-party.” In comparison, zero-party data is “data that your customers intentionally share with you. This can include purchase intentions, personal context, communication preferences, and how the individual wants the brand to recognize them.” Brands should invest in CRM tools in order to collect as much customer data as possible.

Keep your messaging clear and simple

The internet is filled with so much content it’s increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowd. One quick way to get lost is through jargon-filled technical content. So, keep it simple. Make sure your message is clear. Entice people to want to reach out to you to learn more, at which point you can determine their knowledge and understanding and adjust your conversation (personalization!) to be as technical as you think makes sense for your audience.
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