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Maintaining Great Company Culture While Working From Home

Company culture is a highly regarded attribute for most job seekers, and for employers it’s an important point of differentiation. Company culture encapsulates core values, work-life balance, and carries out an important function of avoiding burnout and excess stress. 

Even though many cities are beginning to open the doors of offices, restaurants, bars, and more, some companies have decided to continue working from home (WFH) until 2021 or even go permanently remote. How can you maintain company culture when the company is OOO? Here’s our top 3 tips for maintaining company culture while working from home.

Communicate (much more frequently)

As in any relationship, your communication skills at work can be a make or break. Virtual teams offer small freedoms—there’s no commute to worry about, you don’t need to wear business casual, and your phone doesn’t have to be silent—but there’s a lot more room for error when it comes to collaboration. Communicating efficiently doesn’t always have to require an all-hands meeting. If your team prefers to do check-ins via email, be sure to CC other departments. Losing the common space of an office can leave teams working in isolation instead of collaborating cohesively, making sure to CC is an easy way to keep everyone in the loop. Task management systems are a great resource to keep teams in check and projects prioritized like Asana, ClickUp, Todoist, and more. Many of these tools facilitate status updates with specific project channels viewable to the entire company.

Although it can be hard to digitize an open floor plan, having clear communication channels can still facilitate the idea sharing and productivity your team developed in the office. 

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Adjust Benefits 

Company benefits are typically tailored to meet specific employee needs. If you’re based in SF like us, they might include rideshare/public transportation stipends, other common benefits are PTO, health club plans and company lunches. However, with the impact COVID-19 has had on employees’ day-to-day lives, most, (if not all) benefit packages have become expendable. 

Make sure to offer perks that will actually benefit your employees at this time. Some changes are simple, company lunches can turn into an UberEats stipend, team happy hours can be delivered via Cocktail Courier; but what about gym memberships? Determining what would best serve your employees during this time is unique to your company (and should align with your culture). There’s tons of options, and if you’re at a loss, open up the conversation and collectively decide best practices during this time. 

Adapt your Traditions

This looks different for every space, it could include virtual celebrations for birthdays, weddings,  promotions, etc. or be as basic as sharing favorite snacks during lunch meetings. Regardless of how simple or intricate your office traditions are, bringing them into your home offices is just as important. It’s amazing what you can have delivered, since UPRAISE has been OOO we’ve sent warm scones, snack boxes and more. Does your team like to unwind with an episode of Patriot Act? Add Netflix Party to Google Chrome and send an invite to your team (you can even add real-time comments). Keeping your traditions active will reinforce your company culture all the more, maintaining consistency and community.

Everyone copes with change differently, but it’s important to note that there are ways to maintain and even improve your company culture for virtual teams—regardless of how long you’re WFH. 

Company Culture at UPRAISE

UPRAISE is taking our team fun event virtual! Striving to be more creative than the masses who’ve taken to baking banana bread—we’ve decided to bake souffles (and we’ve enlisted professional help). This Friday our team is video conferencing from our kitchens, hoping to perfectly follow along with Gordon Ramsay’s Raspberry Souffle tutorial. Connect with us on social and stay tuned to see our results! 

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